Hey there, It's Silver here, owner of Silver Lining Cake Designs

I started my cake journey in 2015 with the click of a few Pinterest photos. Studying a medical degree at the time, I found myself captivated with the sweeter things in life, literally - causing me to quickly loose interest in anything that you couldn't whip up with a whisk!

I became engulfed in the 'cake life'

Fascinated by the flavour tingling, eye appeal and creativity i knew that my passion was cakes and all its trimmings. I decided to throw myself in head first, & pursue a career i had never dreamt possible!

Silver Lining Cake Designs was born and embodies all that i love in sweet form. Inspired by art & fashion the cakes and desserts created by myself are conceptualized and focus is not only placed on its aesthetic appeal but on creating an amazing taste - all orders are custom made and are baked from scratch.

The uniqueness of every creation that leaves the kitchen is made with love &passion, and I would love to dream up something sweet for your next celebration with you!

Silver xx