Say, Happy Fathers Day with our delicious dessert box filled with eclairs & donuts 

Our eclairs come in a delicious range of fillings and toppings that your dad will love - 
  • Chocolate Pastry Cream topped with a chocolate glaze & crushed Tim Tams 
  • Vanilla Pastry Cream topped with a  chocolate glaze & edible flowers 
  • Lemon Curd topped with a chocolate glaze & Lemon meringue 
  • Chocolate Mousse topped with a chocolate glaze & crushed Kit Kats 

Our Eclair boxes can also be coupled with our vanilla donuts topped with- 
  • Chocolate glazed donuts + chocolate sauce & Brownie Pieces  
  • Caramel glaze + caramel crispy pearls  
  • 100 & 1000s covered donuts (Homer Simpson style) 

Pack sizes - 
4 x Eclairs 
6 x Eclairs 
12 x Eclairs
4 x Eclairs + 4 x Donuts 
6 Eclairs + 6 x Donuts 

4 x Donuts 
6 x Donuts 
12 Donuts 

Family size 
12 Eclairs + 12 Donuts
(Highly recommended as you'll go back for seconds) 

Both delivery and pick up is available - Pre orders close on September the 4th @ 5pm 
Orders for delivery will be coordinated and delivered on both Saturday & Sunday to ensure all dad's get their gift bright and early for Father's Day. 


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